10 Successful Telecoms Brand Digital Marketing Strategies

The telecoms industry has always been ultra competitive, whether it’s tariff wars, data deals or the latest handset exclusives. Today, digital transformation has only intensified the challenges, as today’s connected consumers increasingly expect brands to engage with them across every available digital channel. In fact, research shows 51% of customers say they will become more loyal to telecoms companies when they have good experiences.


While telecoms brands have historically seen social media channels as environments to tackle consumer complaints, such interactions can now be swiftly moved onto support forums on their website. They can then create clear space for valuable brand engagement across owned and earned digital properties. And crucially, marketers can get to work on maximizing and supporting brand awareness and sales. However, to succeed they need to adopt more agile and cost-efficient ways to increase campaign frequency, distribute promotions across multiple digital channels and measure their performance.


Naturally, it’s critical to invest in infrastructure, and core products and services. But it’s also important to make sure customers have an excellent brand experience at each and every touch point. It’s this ongoing relationship and audience engagement that will differentiate operators and determine how effectively they grow their market share, minimize churn and increase usage.

With this in mind, download our white paper to discover how telecoms brands are actively applying 10 successful digital marketing strategies across their web, mobile and social channels:

  1. Tell a Compelling Brand Narrative
  2. Socialize Your Digital Properties
  3. Make Customers Your Best Marketers
  4. Promote, Convert, Educate
  5. Make Customers Loyal
  6. Keep It All Legal
  7. Show Your Partners Some Love
  8. Connect Consumers with Big Events
  9. Optimize Your Content Strategy
  10. Base Your Decisions on Insight

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